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Who we are

New innovations, medical breakthroughs, regulatory demands, or cultural and market challenges – to triumph and secure success, the support of local experts with specialized knowledge and experience is often required.

Beijing BlueCloud Business Ltd (referred to as just BlueCloud) will guide you toward success in the new market, help gain better value for investments, and drive down the costs and complexity of your organization.

With an extensive and varied background, BlueCloud can guide clients from a range of diverse industries with a hands-on attitude. Transparency and satisfied customers are key values for us.
We are passionate about helping our clients succeed, and we’re looking forward to becoming your trusted long-term partner and ensure a success story in China and the EU from the early steps onward. Our team has first-class expertise in R&D, regulations, management, business development and public affairs. You can download our brochure here:


Ulla Nurmenniemi CEO, M.Sc

A top expert of management in both the public and private sectors of social and healthcare fields in Finland and China. Ulla has a strong track record of achievements in strategic and budgetary priorities and innovative

approaches in business development and operation. She has directed three clinic hospitals of the largest private healthcare company in Finland and made them the most profitable units for shareholders as well as achieving the highest customer satisfaction ratings. In China she is working with private hospitals, governmental associations and Chambers of Commerce. She is a respected business leader, and the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Finnish Business Council Beijing (FBCB). Ulla lives in Beijing, China.

Li Yuntao Chairman of the Board

Li Yuntao has held important positions in state-owned enterprises and multinational enterprises. He is an expert with the domestic business environment. In addition to Beijing, he has been working in Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, Qingdao and Suzhou. He also has a good business foundation in the fields of renewable energy and chemical industry, as well as working on the field for more than 20 years. Majority of his focus has been on solar panels and related chemical components. His company has also invented an ultralight safety wire, which is has been largely adopted to many applications.