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Clinic Helena (Plastiikkakirurgia Helena Oy) is one of the leading private providers of health and medical services for women in Finland. Since 1999, the clinic has performed surgical procedures of varying complexity on a daily basis.

Clinic Helena offers a wide range of surgical treatments for breast cancer, treatment for gynecological problems, aesthetic correction of the face and body, and reconstructive surgery.
The main specialization of the clinic is the application of modern methods in the treatment of breast cancer and mastectomy recovery. They carry out all types of reconstructive surgery, including breast reconstruction using the patient’s own tissue.

Clinic Helena wanted to enter China market to attract more Chinese patients to get treatment in their clinic in Finland.

1. In a cooperation with China governmental media People Health, Dr Helena was invited to give a speech to Chinese Hospital leaders, and other special groups
2. Agents who send customers overseas were identified and cooperation agreement signed
3. Two Chinese doctors went to Clinic Helena to learn Breast Cancer and Breast reconstruction surgery processes in order to do preoperative checkups for patients in China and translate their files for Clinic Helena.
4. A Clinic for preoperative/post-operative checkups was identified
5. Bluecloud, People Health, Agent and Travel agency formed a group to start promoting breast cancer screenings to high-end customers
6. Breastcancer screenings in Finland for Chinese customers started